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Reno, Nevada: Fisherman Caged For Attempted Rape

Phoenix, Arizona: Man executed for killing a child

Auburn, Alabama: Two Saudi teengers face a 20- year verdict

Loami, Illinois: “Taxi Serial Rapist” Arrested in Panama City

Nashville, Tennessee: Guatemalan police officer arrested on charges of holding 14-year-old girl as a sex slave

Nashville, Tennessee: Police seek teacher for alleged attempted rape

Dallas, Texas: Watch cockatoo genius chew out a tool from a piece of cardboard

Los Angeles, California: Six rape suspects held

St Petersburg, Florida: 1 – Scaphism

Clemons, Iowa: Malaysia issues arrest warrant for Air Koryo staff over airport murder

Clemons, Iowa: Pedophiles plan political party

Frenchtown, New Jersey: Graphic photos - islamic state beheads man accused of performing ‘magic’

China Grove, North Carolina: Rise in rape cases worrying

Rockford, Iowa: 5 on trial for murder at Lungni

Grand Rapids, Michigan: That teenager who was auctioning her virginity has sold it to a businessman for £2m

Grand Rapids, Michigan: 6 UNILAG students allegedly gang rape teenager, make videos

Cleveland, Ohio: RELATIONSHIPS - Rape in the matrimonial bed

Brookville, Pennsylvania: Two policemen allegedly attempt to rape 19-year-old lady in Minya

Shreveport, Louisiana: SADC edges towards recognizing marital rape as a crime

Jackson, Michigan: Teenager jailed 18 years for rape