Six rape suspects held

Sembabule, Uganda

THE Police in Sembabule on Monday arrested six suspects in connection with the forced marriage and rape of a virgin girl, reports Eddie Ssejjoba.

The arrest followed a directive by President Yoweri Museveni that all the accomplices in the case where the girl was forcefully sold into married off be apprehended and prosecuted.

The girl was sold off by her father, Musa Kateregga, to Hamidu Yiga of Lwabaana, who abducted her and later forced her into sex. The girl had rejected Yiga on suspicion that he was HIV-positive.

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The suspects were on Monday evening transferred to Masaka after being collectively charged with rape as principle offenders.

They were suspected to have been party to the abduction of the girl and later helped Yiga commit rape her. The southern regional CID officer, Mr Joel Okwir, told The New Vision the arrested suspects included two of Yiga’s brothers, Yasin Kasozi and Twaibu Bukenya.

The two allegedly held the girl and assaulted her during the rape.

Others were Goretti Nabakooza, Sheikh Ahmed Muleega, Swaibu Kasiita and an LDU, Moses Bashaija alias Sologoma, who had been granted bail by the Sembabule Grade Two Magistrate, Boniface Wamala.

The Police said the girl’s father, was still on the run.

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1 – Scaphism

Scaphism was a method of execution used by the ancient Persians, in around 500 BC. This was almost certainly the most twisted method of execution ever devised, designed to torture the condemned to an unimaginable extent, whilst also keeping them alive for as long as physically possible.

First, the victim was stripped naked and placed inside either two long boats, securely fastened together; or a hollowed out tree trunk. They were tied down, with their hands, feet and head protruding out of the wooden confines.

Next, the person was forced to consume dodgy milk and huge quantities of honey, which was also smeared across the exposed appendages.

Finally, the boat was floated out onto a stagnant pond, absolutely teeming with insects.

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The Persians waited.

It didn’t take long before the spoiled milk inevitably gave the condemned a serious case of diarrhoea; because he was tied down securely, there was little he could do control this and he would be forced to soil himself. With the makeshift boat completely sealed, there was nowhere for the faeces to go, and it began to fill up inside the boat.

Now, this in itself seems absolutely horrendous, but it’s worth remembering where this poor guy is floating: on a stagnant pond.

For the insects on the pond, this was the perfect gift: a wooden box full of goodies! They would feed on the sweet honey smeared on the man’s hands and feet and would lay their eggs in the enclosed faeces. When all the honey had been consumed, they would begin to eat him instead. When the larvae hatched, they would slowly burrow their way up the poor guy’s anus and began to devour him alive from the inside.

Imagine the pain of having your flesh and guts eaten by thousands of tiny creatures whilst you were still alive; it’s almost too unbearable to comprehend.

If we just stopped there, this would still be the worst method of execution featured in this book; unfortunately, the Persians didn’t believe the condemned had suffered enough. To prolong the torture as long as possible, they would return to the boat every day and force feed him more milk and honey. This would prevent the person from dying from starvation or dehydration. Death would have to come at the hands of the insects, or from the disease spread by his flesh rotting in his own excrement.

When death did mercifully arrive, the cause was usually gangrene sending the person into septic shock. This was often after over two weeks of unthinkable suffering.

This method of execution also goes by the name The Boats, which definitely has a more eerie ring to it.

Final Words

So there you have it: 25 of the most twisted methods of execution ever devised (including a number of twists to make each technique even more sadistic).

It’s almost incomprehensible that human could act with such cruelty towards each other, but unfortunately this seems to be a part of human nature that has repeated itself throughout history.

Hopefully we can all be thankful that the majority of the Western world has decided to abolish the death penalty, or, at the very least, device quick, humane ways to execute the condemned.

It wasn’t always this way. Remember that.

And on that note, I’ll bid you fond farewell.

Thanks for reading.

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Malaysia issues arrest warrant for Air Koryo staff over airport murder

China Daily

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysian police issued an arrest warrant for an Air Koryo employee on Friday in connection with the investigation into an airport murder case, Malaysia’s Bernama news agency reported.

Kim Uk-il, an employee of the national carrier for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, was listed as a person of interest by the police along with a second secretary of the DPRK embassy.

The police said earlier that the two were still in Malaysia but declined to confirm whether they are were the DPRK embassy.

Police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said the police also sent a request via the Foreign Ministry to the DPRK embassy to question second secretary Hyon Kwang-song, who is entitled to diplomatic immunity.

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Also on Friday, Malaysia’s Immigration Department said in a statement 47-year-old DPRK man Ri Jong-chol, who was arrested as a suspect after the killing, was handed over to the department from the police for deportation to the DPRK. Two representatives from the DPRK embassy will accompany him, said the statement.

Malaysia has indicted two female suspects for murdering a DPRK man with the passport of Kim Chol. If convicted, the two will be hanged.

DPRK on Thursday brushed off Malaysia’s investigation result that shows the DPRK man died here was killed by chemical weapon, saying he likely died of heart attack.

Ri Tong-il, spokesman of a DPRK delegation to Malaysia, said the DPRK man had a history of heart decease, had received treatment from time to time and normally could not travel without medicine.

Ri claimed that medicine for heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure were found in the man’s belongings.

Malaysia said the man was killed by nerve agent VX.

Describing the chemical as highly toxic, Ri raised questions over how the man died on the spot while the two suspects survived and police and medics who attended to the man were not contaminated.

He said samples should be sent to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for verification.

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Ri said his delegation had met with Malaysian officials to settle the issue. “The DPRK’s request is simple, that is the return of the deceased body of the DPRK citizen as soon as possible,” he said.

Malaysia on Friday said that it will cooperate with the OPCW to bring the perpetrators of the VX nerve agent attack to justice. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that Malaysia “does not produce, stockpile, import, export or use any” toxic weapons listed in the convention concerning prohibition of the chemical weapons.

The ministry said it strongly condemns the use of the VX nerve agent by anyone, anywhere and under any circumstances. “Its use at a public place could have endangered the general public,” it said.


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